Add-On (Bi-Monthly)

Add-On (Bi-Monthly)

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Renews every 6 months, cancel anytime

$57.00 / RENEWAL

Renews every 12 months, cancel anytime

$108.00 / RENEWAL

Renews every 2 months, cancel anytime

$20.00 / RENEWAL

You can get the “Add-on Tier” on top of your Drip Coffee / Handcrafted Coffee tiers. Normally, for these two tiers, you only receive rewards bi-monthly with pins. With this Add-On, you will receive rewards during each gap month. During the gap months, you will receive:

• 1 x Theme of the month 2.5" Vinyl Sticker 
• 1x Theme of the month sticker sheet 
• 1 x Theme of the month postcard print 
• Bonus stationary samples (notepad, patches etc)

• Shop update early access
• Access to my secret shop
• 10% off my shop
• Untracked shipping included
• 2 Wallpaper in Tablet/Phone format
• Bonus Animated wallpaper (phone only when applicable)
• Monthly Calendar
Example of how it works:
 Available Sign Up Months Receive Reward (Bi-Monthly
December January
December (with ADD-ON) February
February March
February (with ADD-ON) April
April May
April (with ADD-ON) June

…and so on