April Goodies, Kickstarter and more!

Hi Everyone


Here is a look at this month's print (It will be double sided printed on pearlescent paper) I haven't done a full page illustration for awhile, hope you all like it. It is something a little different than usual, so let me know what you guys think! Sorry for the delay this month, I will be releasing the digital downloads and the rest of the goodies Monday March 7th. 



March Goodies
Bottled Coffee Tier  - I am currently just waiting for the postcard prints to arrive (They are printed on a velvet texture paper), should be arriving next week and I will mail them out then
Drip Coffee + Handcrafted Coffee Tier - Pins will be arriving later this month, as previously mentioned there was a delay due to my manu's CNY holiday.


Kickstarter: I am so excited to finally launch my second kickstarter this Sunday March 6th 10am PST time! There will be early bird prices for 48Hrs ONLY CAD$13 per pin, it will be the lowest price guaranteed. The Pre-Launch page is up here


Saven Club Theme
Many of you have enjoyed when I did fanart previously, so I was curious if it was something you all would want me to include more? Maybe doing alternative months of original art and fanart OR would you all prefer more original art. Please vote to let me know below :)




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