Pin Grading System

A Grade (Standard): Standard highest quality pins 

Please keep in mind that each pin is hand made, they will not be perfect. Some may exhibit very minor imperfections that is only visible upon very close up inspection and/or from a certain lighting/ angle. 

  • Minor scuffs or scratches on metal/enamel
  • Minor specks, pores, anywhere on the pin
  • Very slightly misaligned screen-printing (When applicable) 

B Grade (Seconds): 

Pins with minor flaws (one or two defects)

  • Small imperfections such as dust/ scratches
  • Small scratches on the metal
  • Slightly low or uneven fills
  • Possible plating imperfections/oxidation on the front
  • Possible plating imperfections on the back

C Grade: 

  • Underfilled enamel
  • Significant scratches on pin
  • Significant marks on pin
  • Screen printing majorly offset
  • Significant plating imperfections/oxidation on the front and/or back