FAQ - Saven Club

When will I get my first reward (Bottled Coffee Tier)?

(Applicable to Instant Coffee and Bottled Coffee Tier) Rewards will be received in the month following initial sign up. For example, if you signed up in January, you will receive your first reward in February. Goodies are mailed out approx. within the first 2 weeks of each month.

 Available Sign Up Months  Receive Reward (Monthly) 
December January
January February
February March
March April
April May

… and so on

(Applicable to Drip Coffee and Handcrafted Coffee Tier)
Rewards are bi-monthly for tiers with pins. Sign ups for these tiers are accepted bi-monthly in: Dec, Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, and so on. Rewards will be received in Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov, and so on. 

 Available Sign Up Months Receive Reward (Bi-Monthly)
December January
February March
April May
June July
August September
October November

…and so on

What if I want monthly rewards even though I am signed up for the bi-monthly reward tiers (Drip Coffee and Handcrafted Coffee tiers)?

You can get the “Add-on Tier” on top of your Drip Coffee / Handcrafted Coffee tiers. Normally, for these two tiers, you only receive rewards bi-monthly with pins. With this Add-On, you will receive rewards during each gap month. During the gap months, you will receive a Print, Sticker sheet, Sticker, bonus merch etc.

 Available Sign Up Months Receive Reward (Bi-Monthly
December January
December (with ADD-ON) February
February March
February (with ADD-ON) April
April May
April (with ADD-ON) June

…and so on

Will I have access to digital rewards from past months after joining?

No, all past rewards will not be available for download or purchase. For example, if you joined Saven Club in January, you will receive member rewards for the month of January and future rewards based on your subscription status. Please remember to download your digital goodies by end of each month before it becomes archived and unaccessible.

I can't find the Drip Coffee or Handcrafted Tier (Pin Club Tiers)?

Pin club registrations are only open in FEB, APRIL, JUNE, AUG, OCT and DEC. 

When will I get charged? 

Payment will be charged upon sign up and subsequently on the same day each month for monthly rewards (Instant & Drip Coffee Tiers) and every 2 months for bi-monthly rewards (Drip & Handcrafted Coffee tiers).  

How will they be shipped?

All Tiers except (US Tracked Handcrafted Coffee Tier) will be shipped as untracked. If you wish to purchase tracking, please contact me. 

In the event of undelivered mail that is the fault of couriers, tracked shipments include insurance coverage which allows cost recovery and a new package to be remailed. For undelivered mail at the fault of the recipient (ie. Incorrect address provided; package not picked up and returned to post office), with tracked shipment or not, the package will deemed to be delivered and no refund or remailing requests will be accepted.

I am not responsible for any lost untracked packages once I have shipped them. If you want to add insurance to your package, please contact me.

If I encounter issues in the process, what can I do? 

Please send me an email at savenartstudio@gmail.com and I will assist as quickly as possible! 

Refund policy 

No refunds as I tailor make monthly rewards exclusively for my members 

Membership cancellation 

You can manage and cancel your membership by logging in your account anytime!