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PREORDER: Enamel Pins - Potions & Spell books 2.0 Bundles

PREORDER: Enamel Pins - Potions & Spell books 2.0 Bundles

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This enamel pin 2.0 collection is inspired by mystical items from the world of witchcraft and wizardry. Dive into a world where each pin, from the potent potions to the ancient spell books holds a unique magic. Feel the power and stories woven into each piece, inviting you to partake in their timeless tales.

 Pin Details

  • Material: hard enamel. gold plating with two rubber backings
  • Size: Each pin measures between 1.5 to 1.75 inches 
  • Special Features: Each pin will be stamped with my logo for authenticity 
  • Guardian Potion & Heart of Guardian - Glitter Details
  • Heart of Ocean - Pearl detail
  • Purity Potion - Sand Swirl effect (with liquid)
  • Heart of Fortune - Stained Glass effect
  • Fairy's Lantern - Glow in the dark details
Bonus: Full 16 set of above pins will receive a freebie Baby Flame Lamp mini pin (Stained Glass detail)!

PREORDERS are scheduled to be shipped out in end AUG 2024. 

Please place 2 separate orders if you would like receive the in-stock items first. You may check for updates on the Preorder Updates page.

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