Early Access code for shop update!

Hi everyone!

Shop update is 2pm PST time today, here's the code for the early access. Passcode: 98KDN5

  • Below are the list of items that are limited or low in stock:
  • Oops Bags - 9 Total
  • Restocked items - tote bag and zenitsu keychains
  • Sakura Soda enamel pin: I should have plenty
  • Low in Stock Pins: Sando, Milk Carton and Ramunes (only 2 left of each)

And a reminder, this is the 10% discount code off my shop: 7YTTESMF1KE6

Secret Shop: I have added the Peachy pin, sticker and stickers sheets for those that missed it or would like to grab extras. Prints were all sold out.

And thank you for voting for the themes everyone! They were honestly very close, many with just 1 vote difference. And the top 4 categories for the rest of the year is (June, Aug, Oct, Nov) in no particular order, I might do another vote that this year as I am considering a Ghibli one:

  • Cherry Blossom Things
  • More Drinks (Juice Box, Bottles, Ramune, Boba etc)
  • More Japanese Convenience Things (Bento, Sandwich, Snacks etc)
  • Gaming things (controller, switch, gameboy etc)



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