Next Month's Theme, Kickstarter, Vote on New Merch

Happy Friday everyone!

February just went by so fast! I have been so busy with creating new merch and prepping for kickstarter this month!


Kickstarter - Enchanted Potions + Spell Books Enamel Pins
I am currently waiting for Kickstarter to review my project, hopefully I hear back from them within these two days. Launch date should be March 5 10am PST time, there will be early bird prices for 48 Hours. It is a witchy theme, consisting of my potions series, a few spell books and other witchy things! 


April Theme
To welcome spring, I was thinking about something sweet. Inspired by the Pokemon "Wooloo", March's theme will be Cotton Candy! Here's a sketch that I am working on! Any other fluffy Pokemon I should include?


New Merch
As many of you may know, I am working to bring some apparel for the next shop update. It will consist of 1-2 designs in T shirts and Hoodies! It is honestly more difficult than I thought, as I want something of better quality but also at a reasonable price (I bought so many samples to try omg). Here is a look at what I have in mind, 


Would love to know what you all think of the design and prefer?
The font design: The paw will be a full FLUFFY embroidery patch! Thought it would be a cute idea maybe?


The back design: I can't decide which would be better, please vote here:
1. Leave it blank
2. Have some quote/ word on it (Please suggest, current wording is just an example where it would go)
3. A tiger face 



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