More Digital Downloads and a look at new merch sample

April Goodies
I made an animated wallpaper this month, "Just Keep Rolling" Wooloo phone wallpaper.
I have updated it on the digital download folder along with April's Calendar, same link here: More digital goodies added!
A look at all the goodies this month, the pearlescent double sided print looks so good! Think it is my favourite material so far. I will post a video/reel soon to try and show how pretty it is but it is so hard to capture. Videos don't justify it, so I can't wait for you all to receive this month's print.
Kickstarter: All goals, including new stretch goals have been unlocked! I am so excited and thankful!
March Goodies
Bottled Coffee: I just mailed out everything yesterday :)
Handcrafted and Drip Coffee: Currently waiting for Pins to arrive.
Embroidery Patch:
I wanted to show you all one of the samples from the new manu (not final yet)! The colors look so pretty ♡ let me know what you guys think :)

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