✿ Shop update early access code + Discount Code ✿

Hi everyone!

Shop Update: Shop update will be happening this Sunday April 24th 10am PST. Members will have 1 hour early access at 9am PST to the update before I open it to the public. Please use this code "KDN395K" at the top right corner of the website to access the shop :)

  1. Freebies: Sakura themed pencil bag for the first 4 orders over CAD$50 after discount
  2. Freebie Sticker for all members
  3. Shaker keychain will be listed for CAD1 (To cover the extra shipping weight) if you would like to add it to your order while supplies last.
  • Here is a list of all the new items and which ones have limited stock: Holographic Sando Holographic
  • Strawberry Milk Cafe
  • Paws stickers
  • 5 New Prints (Tiger Paws (Both Colors), Strawberry Milk Cafe, Orange and White Tiger)
  • 2 New Magnets (Limited Stock)
  • 2 Paws Rainbow Keychain (Very Limited Stock)
  • 2 Lanyards (Limited Stock)
  • Deskmat (Very Limited Stock)
    • ONLY 5 - Samples with 2 typos on it will be sold at discounted price) Preorders Open (without typos)
  • Bullet Journal (Very Limited Stock)
    • ONLY 5 - Samples with 2 typos on it No plans for restock and no preorders

I have also added extras from March and April goodies to the secret shop.

Shop Discount:

  • 10% off discount code: GDZNKVWR0D6C

Phone Icons: I will upload the Sakura themed phone icon Sunday in the same folder: May Digital Downloads

June Theme: Base on the poll, June's theme will be "Studio Ghibli - Neighbor Totoro"



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